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Our Mission

Beautiful, Elegant, Delicious, and Abundant. That's our mission. Customer service is what we do and we do it well because we genuinely care. An event isn't done until it's done right and a dozen isn't a dozen until it's a 

Baker's Dozen!

Here's a Little Bit of What We Want To Do For You!

Call today for a quote and consultation. (503) 313-1449

Appetizer Platters and Salads

Appetizer platters are a fun way to have a large variety of choices and a social dynamic for your event  We have many platters to help fit your event size and budget. Please call or email today and we'll email you a full menu (503)313-1449 [email protected]

Meal Packages

Our Full - Service Meal Packages start at $30 per person. We also offer our tasty dishes a la carte and for Delivery- Only for a reduced price. It's our goal to provide wonderful food while fitting into many budgets. For a full menus and details, please contact us today (503)313-1449 or [email protected] or the "Contact" button below and we'll email one right out to you! We're also happy to create something new and different to suit your special event, dietary restrictions and needs. Here are some of our packages:

  •  Tex Mex 
  • Pastas and Sauces
  • Baked Potato Bar
  • Roastin' and Grillin'
  • Steak Tips and Horseradish Mashers

Desserts and Beverages

Dessert can range from $95 for a Mini Dessert Platter up to $400 for a Wedding Cake. Please call (503) 313-1449 to set up a consult and tasting. We'll talk ideas and budget and get you what you want!

If you're gluten free or vegan, let us know and we'll create something super tasty together!

  • Event Favors
  • Cup Cakes- From mini to giant
  • Cakes
  • Wedding and Large Cakes
  • Dessert Platters
  • Beverage Services- Coffee, Juices, Sodas, Ice Teas and Lemonades and so much more.